Ten O’clock this morning I experienced the most bizarre thing. Some total stranger walks into my apartment and takes his jacket and shoes off. I didn’t know if I was still dreaming or if this was really happening so I didn’t do anything, just yet.

In fact I was a little curious about what this gentleman was doing in my flat. Was he someone I knew?
Hmm… no one had a key to my flat except for me and my sister and this was definitely not my sister.

I was wonderin if I should call the cops or maybe the karate couple from down stairs when he all of a sudden started to vacuum my living room, then the kitchen and then the rest of the apartment. Out of fear and total confusion I pretend I’m in a deep sleep when he comes in my bedroom with the vacuum cleaner and finishes to vacuum my bedroom floor, with me, lying in my bed, in my apartment.
Well, he hadn’t stolen anything yet and not done anything to me so I thought he might just be a weird sleep walker or just to tired to notice that he was in the wrong apartment.
I live in a block. I’m on the 4th floor, but I didn’t know him and I thought I knew everyone in the block. Maybe I knew him but were too tired to recognize him.

I started to get a good feeling about this stranger. I don’t know why but I felt like I’d known him for many years or from my past life, if there is such thing as past life.

After he had vacuumed the whole flat he started to wash the dishes and because I really and truly hate it with passion to wash the dishes I wasn’t going to interrupt him with that, no way! This was his problem, whoever he was!

Now I was completely awake. This was not a dream, nor a nightmare… at least not yet. How could I know if he wasn’t just preparing himself for the killing of me. I started to wonder in most comfort how he could kill me. He might stab me and let my bleed to death. He could also have a gun and just shoot me, get it over with, spear my the agony and pain, for some reason. Maybe he was as much Dexter fan as me, yeah well, maybe a bit bigger fan if he were actually here to kill me, and in Dexter style.
I don’t think I’d like to die like that, because then I would die with the last thought about something bad I had done. I wan’t to die thinking about how good and well spent life I had and knowing that my closest ones are feeling good about themselves and their lives. Well, when I think of it, what’s the different. When I’m dead, I’m dead. That will be the end of me.

Meanwhile… The stranger get’s into my shower without me noticing, because I’m way to busy thinking about how he could kill me. After the shower he walks in my bedroom again, and this time he’s naked. He opens one of the cabinets and picks out pajamas pants, he puts them on, crawls into my bed, under my duvet and takes my into his arms like he really cares about me. Like he knows me. Even loves me. It felt really nice and somehow so very right but also so confusing. I didn’t know what to say, what to do. I turned so we were face to face and I immediately fell in love with him.

Now, thirteen years later we have five children, a turtle and one fat old cat which we have no idea how came to live with us. He just appeared one day and has been with us for the past ten years.

I’ve yet no idea what he was doing in my flat that misterious morning thirteen years ago and what’s even more strange is that he’s no idea himself.

Neither of us believe in destiny, shit just happens’ and we were just lucky. Very lucky thank you very much.

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